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Abdomen Contouring

Abdominoplasty is an outpatient procedure which improves the contour and appearance of the abdomen. It contours or reshapes the underlying muscle framework and removes excess fat and loose skin. Mini-abdominoplasty is an option for women who meet specific criteria. Insurance does not cover these procedures

Many factors can affect the contour of your abdomen. Pregnancy can stretch abdominal tissues to an extent that’s uncorrectable with exercise. An unattractive abdomen can result from excess fat deposits that produce undesirable bulges or fullness and loose skin following childbirth or weight loss.

For Post Pregnancy

During pregnancy, uterus enlargement causes significant stretching of your abdomen tissues. After delivery, you can exercise to recover the tone in the muscles themselves, but fascial tissues that interconnect the muscles may have been stretched. Fascial tissues do not respond to exercise. Stretching or looseness of the lower abdominal tissues can allow bulging of your lower abdomen which you may not be able to correct with exercise.

After Weight Loss

After significant weight loss, fatty tissue is decreased beneath the skin of your abdomen. Your abdominal skin may become looser and sometimes hangs downward. Also, Skin does not respond to any type of exercise, but excess loose skin can be removed during abdominoplasty.

Better Contouring

Localized deposits of fat can occur in areas of the abdomen producing undesirable contours even in individuals who are not overweight. Fat deposits can be corrected with suction lipoplasty alone, but abdominoplasty is necessary to achieve the best contour if stretched musculature or loose skin are present.

Abdominoplasty can improve three things:

  • Reshape the underlying framework of the abdomen to improve shape and contour
  • Remove excess fat deposits which may be present
  • Remove excess loose skin to improve overall contour, appearance and shape of the abdomen

During your consultation, Dr. Kinney will discuss with you the area of your abdomen which concerns you. He’ll explain specific components of abdominoplasty necessary to achieve the best contour and will show you the type of changes you can expect.

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