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  • What areas does a lower body lift address?

    Each patient and each procedure is different, but typically the lower body lift will treat your buttocks, waist, hips and thigh.  In addition to lipectomy (excision of excess skin and underlying tissue) Dr. Kinney may also utilize liposuction for contouring

  • Am I a good candidate for surgery?

    Lower body lifts offer great results to patients looking to smooth and tighten their lower body.  Patients with dramatic weight loss, loose skin around the thighs/hips/buttocks/abdomen, hanging skin and tissue are often good candidates for surgery.

  • How long does the surgery and recovery take?

    Lower body lifts can take from 3-6 hours depending on the patient and specifics of the procedure.  Patients will typically need 6-8 weeks for a full recovery, but can often return to a light routine after 3 weeks or so.

  • What about scarring?

    Unfortunately, scars are always a potential outcome from any major surgical procedure.  Dr. Kinney’s expertise allows him to minimize the visibility of incision lines, but each patient heals differently.  Patients can expect incision lines around the torso and extending to the hips.

  • Will my insurance cover the procedure?

    Insurance companies do occasionally cover a portion of the cost if medical criteria is met.  After your consult with Dr. Kinney, the office may assist you in submitting a pre-authorization for approval prior to surgery if medically indicated.  In those cases where insurance will not cover the procedure, we strive to offer reasonable self-pay rates that our patients can handle.  We also offer a number of financing options for our patients, which you can apply for today through the financing page on our site!

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