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  • What are my breast reconstruction options?

    Generally there are two approaches: autologous (using your own body tissue) and implant reconstruction.  

  • Which option is right for me?

    Each method has its pros and cons, but to determine the best approach for you we suggest you schedule a consult to review the various options in detail with Dr. Kinney.  Often factors like body shape/type, surgical history, desired outcome, treatment needs and even your own personal preference can impact the treatment path!

  • Will my breasts look natural?

    Dr. Kinney has an enormous amount of experience in the breast reconstruction field (literally thousands of procedures) with a focus on several specialized autologous reconstruction techniques.  Take a look at our before and after gallery to see a few examples!

  • How long will my reconstruction take?

    Given the multiple treatment options the course of reconstruction can also vary quite a bit.  Surgery can be staged in some cases and may also require follow up procedures to make changes to shape and symmetry to give you the best, most natural final outcome.  Dr. Kinney recognizes the importance of the journey through breast reconstruction and partners with his patients throughout the reconstructive process!

  • Will I have a hospital stay?

    Depends on the procedure.  Many techniques only require outpatient stays, but some of the more complex techniques can warrant a multiple day inpatient stay.  Dr.  Kinney will be sure to discuss what to expect with you during your consultation and prior to surgery so you can plan for the recovery period.

  • How long is recovery after surgery?

    Recovery periods again will depend on the type of surgery, but patients can expect 6-8 weeks of recovery in general.

  • Will my insurance cover my procedure?

    Absolutely.  Breast reconstruction is a covered benefit in all insurance medical policies nationwide.  Additionally, the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, a federal mandate, requires coverage following mastectomy.  For more information please refer to the US Department of Labor website or feel free to call our billing office for additional details.

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