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Macromastia (large breasts) is a condition that affects a significant amount of women.  Large, massive breasts lead to such issues as pain in the back, neck, and shoulders, permanent grooves cut into the shoulders due to thick bras, rashes, sweating and wound breakdown underneath the breasts, and difficulty with physical activities.  If a woman has been suffering from problems such as these and has failed conservative treatment (such as physical therapy, chiropractic techniques, and different types of bras for supports), then that person is an excellent candidate for breast reduction.

Procedure Details

Reduction Technique

The technique involves, as expected, the removal of excess breast tissue to create a much more natural-looking and pleasing breast mound, and at the same time lifting the nipple into the appropriate position to give it a more youthful-appearing breast.  The procedure is generally done as an outpatient with a very rapid return to normal function.  Most women are easily back to work within two weeks after the procedure and soon after the procedure notice a great improvement in overall physical conditions that were affected by the large breasts.


A preoperative consultation is imperative in order to determine who would be a good candidate for this procedure.  Generally, most insurance companies will cover the technique as long as a required amount of breast tissue is removed (which is based on the person’s height and weight), and there is no exclusion in the individual’s policy. Preauthorization for the procedure is done through our office.

If you think breast reduction is right for you schedule a consultation with us today.  Your first consultation is completely free.

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