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What is Body Contouring

Body contouring procedures are any treatments that are used to improve or enhance the appearance of various body parts.  This can be done for purely aesthetic reasons, or it can be done for patients who have had significant changes in their lives, such as massive weight loss, either from weight loss on their own or through bariatric procedures.  

Body Contouring Post Weight Loss

Dr. Kinney has a special interest in patients who have undergone massive weight loss.  Generally, these patients have lost a minimum of 80 pounds, which leaves the person with significant issues of the trunk and extremities.  There are multiple procedures which are available for these patients, including pannulectomies (removal of residual abdominal skin and fat), total trunk lifts (removal of skin and fatty tissue in a circumferential fashion around the abdomen and back), both upper and lower extremity repairs (brachioplasty which is removal of arm skin and thighplasty which is the removal of lower leg skin), as well as various touchup procedures such as liposuction.


Patients who are planning to undergo these procedures require a consultation in order to evaluate the problem areas and establish a treatment plan.  Frequently this requires several procedures in order to best accomplish the goals set out.  The advantages and disadvantages of the various treatments would be discussed at the initial consultation. It’s important to be seen by physicians who specialize in massive weight loss treatment. The planning, surgical procedures and postoperative care are much different than “routine” cosmetic surgery. Dr. Kinney has actively been involved in bariatric care for over 10 years. He is frequently requested to give talks to bariatric groups, physicians and other care-givers about his experience.

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